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A/n: Remember that words like this: hi means that it's whispered. BTW that's Dark's sword...awesome isn't it? :)

It was finally (y/n)'s birthday meaning he/she has to go to school. He/she hasn't gotten his/her eye sight back. God took that away from him/her but I'm ok with I said I'll be his/her eyes. I was looking around for a school when I noticed Luna again...but she was alone.
"Hey Luna what are you doing alone?"
"H-huh? O-oh um...I uh...I don't remember. I-I think me and Josh were walking together...he...he told me to wait here for him b-but he's not here yet...I don't want to leave him alone...I want to stay."
"Luna...what time did he leave you here," I asked.
"Luna it's 2 right've been here for five hours. I don't think he's coming back," I said sadly. It's a shame someone would leave another person alone for hours on end.
"N-no. H-he said he'd come back and he's going to do
:iconnightfuryobsessed:NightfuryObsessed 2 3
I'm so sorry

I heard movement...I didn't look up. What's the point in going home when (y/n) isn't there. More tears fell and stained my cheeks red as the footsteps got closer.
"Dark? Dark we have to go," someone said as they cut the ropes that held me down. When the ropes were gone I didn't move...I couldn't leave him/her here alone.
"Dark come on, we have to leave! He'll come back-"
"He/she's gone...I-I failed. I failed my one job now he/she's gone!"

"Dark? Who? Who's gone?" I couldn't respond. I didn't want to..."(Y-y/n)...he/she's...I-I failed and I can't do a-anything," I choked.
'It's all my fault! If I hadn't let him/her fall he/she'd be fine!'
"Light we have to go, NOW!"
"I'm sorry Dark but we have to leave. If you can't go by yourself I'll have to take you myself," Light said as he tried to make me stand up. I refused and let my legs become weak making myself heavier. 'I can't leave him/her. I can't leave him/her here alo
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A/n: Don't hate me for talking about God but it would have been inevitable since there's demons and Angels so don't try to yell at me.
Ps. Please don't hate me for how it all unfolds. It's not over yet so don't think that's the case!

Who could've gotten into the house? And why? Who would target the iplers and septiceyes? It's all just so...strange. I looked around with (y/n) in my arms, looking for any clues but there were none.
"Daddy what happened to everyone? Why are they not here," (y/n) asked.

"I don't know sweetie. Something's wrong,"
I said as I sighed. Then I heard movement...behind me! I turned around and was hit in the face with something hard. Making me fall to the ground and letting go of (y/n). My wing changed from normal bat-like wings to dark black and red feathered wings...not good for the other person. I tried getting up but the other person put their foot on my back along with their full weight. It's too close to my wings! I struggled under them and f
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 To any male out there, just watch this and know our pain.
Hello everybody~ NightfuryObsessed here and today I have something new for you. This journal is going to be a lot different than what you may know of.

Many of you know about a ‘famous’ YouTube by the name of Jacksepticeye or Sean if you’d like to call him. I’m here to talk about a theory I made for him and his alter ego Antisepticeye. Before I start let me define Anti’s name. Most people think that Anti’s full name, Antisepticeye, means the same thing as antiseptic which is an anti-bacterial spray or ointment that helps keep cuts and scrapes be cleaned and disinfected. This is not what Anti’s name means. Anti by itself means against, given the order of the words, Anti’s real name would mean ‘against septiceye’. What does Septiceye mean? This is simple…that’s Jack.

You may be confused as to why I say that, it’s because Jack is the original ‘septiceye’ as he’s the one who started the channel. I understand that ‘septiceye’ is also Jack’s mascot but I’m speaking about the channel itself and Sam wasn’t made until a few months after the channel was uploading, meaning that Sam is the second septiceye.

Now, to the main journal. I found an old video from Jack that has some information that helps my theory hold some kind of ground. The video being Jack’s old, and I mean really old video of Raspy Hill.

*play video clip*

Why does that video help me and my theory? Well my theory is what if Jack…isn’t really Jack? I say this because of the video and Anti’s newest glitches.

*there’s meant to be five nights clips and S̷̱͓͚̘̰̻̗̔ă̢̹̺̌ͣ̍̎͜y̳͙̓͒̇͐̒̋͠ G̳̲̪̝̲͇̬ͦͪ̈̋ͭ͐̑͝o̧ͯ̿͏̳̮̝̠o̝̞̲̬̅̈̾̂ͩͤ̚d̪̭̹̮̰͍̗̻̗̈͛̅ͤͮ̋̎b̧̈́͐̽̌̈́͒ͫͦ̚҉̴̖͉̭͉͙̖̮͚y͓̯̘͉͇̹̳̞ͦͩͦ̏̓̿e̼̪͔̱͓͍̮ͫͨͪ̐ͦͨͧ clip*s

Why do I think that Jack isn’t him? Well in the Raspy Hill video it says that ‘Jacksepticeye has never been seen or heard from since’…this got me thinking. What does this mean? I mean, Jack's here, he's living a happy life, besides the whole...Anti skirmish...but...the's just so...bizarre. It's the first time Anti was introduced albeit without a name, I say that because Anti is beginning to be known for his glitching and that’s what he does here. If Jack went missing after recording Raspy hill and was 'never seen again' who is this here with us? The answer? Well it might surprise's the original Anti!
Hear me out, Anti seems to have originated in a pixelated world or one that is digital, and where does Jack go missing? In a digital world. What if Anti switched lives with Jack all that time ago? What if this 'Anti' character is the real Jack asking us for help?!? It would explain the Zalgo text in ‘Jack’s’ Detention video, 'broken spirit...let me out'. Jack's asking Anti to be let out but he can’t, he’s too weak right now.
My theory also makes sense as to why 'Anti' glitches the camera out, after a long time in a digital world some might be able to gain the powers from there. Jack is one of the few who did. I'm assuming others YouTubers and content creators had gone through the same thing of being trapped in that ‘alternate world’.
This also makes sense of the 'Say Goodbye' video. Jack was finally let out but after being stuck in that world he got corrupted and can't think straight. If you think I’m wrong because of the audio and what Anti says- *play S̷̱͓͚̘̰̻̗̔ă̢̹̺̌ͣ̍̎͜y̳͙̓͒̇͐̒̋͠ G̳̲̪̝̲͇̬ͦͪ̈̋ͭ͐̑͝o̧ͯ̿͏̳̮̝̠o̝̞̲̬̅̈̾̂ͩͤ̚d̪̭̹̮̰͍̗̻̗̈͛̅ͤͮ̋̎b̧̈́͐̽̌̈́͒ͫͦ̚҉̴̖͉̭͉͙̖̮͚y͓̯̘͉͇̹̳̞ͦͩͦ̏̓̿e̼̪͔̱͓͍̮ͫͨͪ̐ͦͨͧ Anti audio* -then you’re both right and wrong.

I say this because of the fact that Anti wouldn’t want Jack to be free. If you were the evil version of someone and you hated them wouldn’t you want that person to be gone forever? Anti would claim that he already did some editing but sent it to Robin (Jack’s editor) and claimed he needed help making it even scarier than it was. He had Robin edit out some of Jack’s audio and change it around making it sound like he really was Anti.

Since his (Jack’s) words were taken away and changed, he was upset. He decided to take it into his own hands and make himself known. That’s why he’s still appearing in different videos every now and then. He wants to be heard yet he can’t talk, he hasn’t used his voice that often so it’s very hard to understand.

The good news? As of the creation of this theory…Jack has won. He fought a long and hard battle and got his body back but…for how long? Quite recently (as of 3-11-17) Anti made a ‘guest’ appearance at Sean’s panel. Now, Jack wouldn’t want us to worry about anything, that just makes Anti stronger…he and Robin knew that Anti would try to make a comeback. It’s in his code, so to speak. Robin has known about this since day one, after all, wouldn’t you know a change in your boss’s attitude when it first occurs?

They knew about Anti wanting revenge but with Dark coming into the picture? Oh, you know Anti’ll be pissed. He had been trying to gather energy but since Dark is older and has been ‘playing’ less than Anti was, he was able to get into the lime light, the likes of which Anti craves the most. Who do you think will win? Will Jack win or will it go back to how it was before? Share your theories in the comments down below and I’ll be looking through them.

This has been my Antisepticeye/Jacksepticeye theory, NightfuryObsessed, over and out.


Ellie ofthecross
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United States
I am old to some and young to others.I love drawing night furies. I am not very good at drawing monstrous nightmares or deadly natters although I am getting better. I live in a giant bowl with little rain but plenty of sun. We rarely get rain but when we do, we get A LOT. If you were wondering I am NOT a Septiplier shipper...I'd rather ship Septiishu ^^ Yeah Jack and Wiishu :D

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